Hatem Elkadi

Has been behin the steering wheels of a variety of cars, travelling to several destinations in several countries as well as continents since 1990. Passionate about travel and particularly driving, thriving to constantly discover new horizons. Hatem Elkady, single handedly clocked over 1.5 million kilometers of driving in over 16 countries on almost all continents. Keen to develop what Egypt lacks utilizing the experience gained in several fields in the past be it Sports, Entertainment or even Development. Hatem is a definitive part and founder of Vintage Wheels Egypt. VWE thrives to present all that is new and unique to the Egyptian and international clients.


Mahmoud Ezzeldin

Passionate about Vintage & Classic Cars, Nature and enjoys creating routes and plans for the most impossible of senarios. Mahmoud has been organizing classic car events since 2004. The latest big scale event being the 2012 World Cup Rally, the London to Cape Town. Most recent was Walking The Nile 2014. He also worked for Peter Gaballa & Dr. Tarek El Mahdy accomplishing various desert excursions. Mahmoud is originally an Architect, a Sailor, Windsurfer, Water-Skier & Scub-Diver. He was a Co-Pilot in the 2007 Pharaons Rally and finished 4th overall. Mahmoud also runs a photography and documentation team specializing in Automotive events, covering local action since 2004. Mahmoud is diverse in what he is capable of and a positive member as well as founder of Vintage Wheels Egypt.


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