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    Route plan and suggested program (Cause tour not Race)

    The classification will be:
    First group
    – Small and Economy cars, Family cars SUV, Yang and mature, Sedan cars for 4 passengers
    Second Group
    – Exotic and super and convertible cars, Classic Cars
    Tour route

    Day 1:- arrival and cars receiving and briefing and amazing dinner.
    Day2:- Amsterdam start big plaza driving to Roermond Designer Outlet, 180 km
    6 hours stop and moving to Mondorf 300 km.
    Day 3:- roads wellness and enjoyment with main sight seen second night.
    Day 4:- moving to Heidelberg 250 km stop for dinner and go to Stuttgart outlet 250 km one night.
    Day 5:- moving to Interlaken 450 and enjoy all alpine one night.
    Day 6:-moving throw Furka pass Grimselpass to Italy Como or Logano one night there 250 km.
    Day 7:- moving from Italy to Salzburg maybe one stop in middle of Alpine for one night.
    Day8:- Salzburg Enjoyment Alpine and pass one night.
    Day 9:- moving from Salzburg to Munich one night 150 km and full museum visits and Gala Dinner.
    Day 10:- back home total driving like 2200 km to 2500 km 9 nights 6 countries.
    The journey will be based on shopping enjoyment roads and auto ban and the most amazing asphalt roads in Switzerland private collectors museum’s and old palaces and nature by many oasis and thermal waters group photos and start and finish in big plaza and main areas for the Rally group of cars, all cars having stickers by images from Egypt to Market the Egyptian tourism and support tourism in Egypt, the Start and Finish to have a good Media Coverage.

    Tour info
    The groups will be divided into two main classifications from 25 – 50 small and Eco, 25 – 50 Family, 25 – 50 yang and mature , so the minimum will be group of 75 cars and will close at 150 cars,
    The organizers and full team of meet and assist and the photographers will be from 6 cars to 10 based on the group
    – Hotels and bookings will be from 95 double rooms to 200 double rooms 9 nights per rout and the similar for return.
    The tour will be divided into two groups one group will start in Netherland and Finish in Munich second group will Start From Munich and Finish in Netherlands
    The journeys will start 08/07/2023 for 10 Days.
    Second group will start 15/07/2023 for 10 days and nine nights
    September Journeys from 01/09/2023 to 10/09/2023 and returning from 10/09/2023 to 19/09
    The Aim to accumulate from 450 to 900 cars full per season for those class.

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