What we provide

Route Planning and Mapping It could be a small routing job in the city, or a thoroughly detailed route, deep in the Sahara. Vintage Wheels guarantees and delivers efficient, convenient and safe route planning & mapping in Egypt, with unparalleled knowledge, practicality and mechanical know-how. It is above all precision, reliability and accuracy that makes Vintage Wheels unique in its field.

Organizing and Logistics

Organizing automotives events comes as second nature to Vintage Wheels, beginning with test drives or launches of new vehicles, to full on car rallies. Vintage Wheels provides its clients with all that is necessary to get any sort of automotive event up and running. When it comes to the actual event, Vintage Wheels plans out and handle all logistics. Parades, Concours, Meets, Trials, Regularity Rallies, Deep Desert Expeditions and even Gymkhanas, no matter what the event is , Vintage Wheels Egypt is up for the task.


Vintage Wheels offers professional documentation in both Photography and Video. In such domains, it is somewhat experience and specialization that places Vintage Wheels ahead in its field.

Our Benefits

Vintage Wheels looks forward to upcoming opportunities with an aim to cover fresh grounds and explore new horizons. We welcome all sorts of automotive events, national & international. Vintage Wheels will soon be expanding and aspires to provide its long range of services to the rest of North Africa, the Middle East as well as the rest of the world.

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